Probleme in der Welt, die ich lösen will
Als bei mir im Advent ein Wichtel eingezogen ist…

The Film “Freedom Writers” shows us the problem of racism in the United States. It describes the difficult, violent, hate, powerless and constantly struggling life of Black and Latin American residents of Los Angeles. Racism is based on the belief that the differences in people’s appearance bring with them inalienable personal and intellectual differences.

One of the racist organizations was the Ku Klux Klan established in the USA in the 19th century (after the civil war). It fought to maintain the supremacy of white Protestants in the United States and sought to limit the rights of other racial and ethnic groups, mainly African Americans and jews, and catholics. It proclaimed the superiority of the white man.

Another period in history in which we note the racial division was the time of the Holocaust in which (by the Nazis) ethnic and national groups as well as political prisoners in concentration camps were prescecuted. In 1933, after coming to power, Adolf Hitler began a racist and anti-semistic program aimed at isolating the Jewish population and gradually depriving them of all civil and civil rights. The germans developed a propaganda campaign accusing the Jews of parasitism, exploitation, demoralization and destruction of the nations they inhabit.

We can count such organizations. 

Over the last few years, we have watched the world fight the virus pandemic. People began to divide again. This time on the vaccinated and unvaccinated. What are the threats of the coronavirus outbreak? The epidemic affects everyone, in many countries it transcends social divisions. Lockdown  is a restriction of everyone’s freedom, regardless of status, is a generational experience, something that connects but also divides. Business, economics, models, transportation, Universities, healthcare and education are changing. It deepens the economic crisis.

From my point of view, such divisions do not do any good. Being half Polish and half Italian living in Austria, I feel that I am not part of this community. I’m never sure if I will not face criticism or negative reactions when revealing my citizenship to a new acquaintance. That is why I miss Poland, where I feel at home.

In the future, I would like to have a greater influence on how people of different cultures, races, languages and skin colors perceive themselves. In such a world, everyone would be kind and friendly to each other. From childhood, each of us should be taught tolerance and acceptance from other people.

Text (c) by Federico, Sekundaria

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